5 Thoughts Holding You Back

1. Life Should Be Fair.

Life is not always fair. Find places where it is unfair in your favor.  You woke up to live another day today. Another good person did not. Is that fair?   No. This is an example of a way life is unfair in your favor.

Avoid spending too much energy worrying that others have more advantages than you or feeling guilty that you have more than others. Instead try to create opportunities in which you have an advantage.

  • Go out and meet people who can help you reach your goals.
  • Read books and magazines others ignore.
  • Talk to people others are afraid to approach.
  • Register for every class, seminar, contest or government program that will give you an edge over your competition.

Then when you have spare time and/or money and you want to fight injustice, join a national or global organization devoted to the eradication of the injustice of your choice. The voices and efforts of many are often more powerful than a single voice.

2. If God wanted you to be financially secure, you would have been born into a wealthy family.

This is untrue. Period. It may be more difficult for some people to become financially secure than others. However, once you learn the thoughts and actions necessary to build wealth, the process gets easier. That is, if you act upon the things you learn.  A good wealth building plan is like a diet, it won’t work unless you follow it.

3. You deserve luxuries TODAY, even if you must pay by credit card.

Luxuries like high end cell phones, great furniture, and fine clothes are fun to have. However, if you buy them with borrowed money, you are just renting a lifestyle you will never be able to afford. And worse, the lifestyle is making you less financially stable. It’s better to wait until you can afford to pay for luxuries from your “fun cash account”.

To build wealth you need to:

  1. Save money
  2. Improve yourself or your products and services so you can make more money
  3. Spend money on things that will help you make money
  4. Postpone purchases that don’t add to your net worth until after you’ve had success with 1 – 3. Then you should be able to afford those things in cash, not credit.

3. Embarrassment should be avoided at all costs–you don’t want people talking about you.

Successful people and businesses fail sometimes. It is part of the way we learn. Many times those failures are public. If , in an attempt to avoid embarrassment, you avoid taking risks,  your chances of succeeding are very low. The more successful you become, the more people will talk about your successes and delight in your failures. It’s part of your journey. Try often. Fail privately and publicly. Learn your lessons. And move on. No one has ever died of embarrassment.

5. Wealthy people are greedy and/or evil.

If you believe that wealthy people are bad in some way, you will sabotage your own efforts to build wealth. You’ll find yourself doing harmful things like: buying expensive things you don’t need, making bad loans, spending time with people who can cause you harm, and wasting valuable time trying to convince everybody that you are a ‘good’ person who hasn’t changed a bit since you became wealthy (i.e. “remaining down to earth”). Here’s a secret: you will change as your net worth increases. However, you don’t have to change for the worst. You can become more generous and your generosity will have more power.


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