Big Dreams Possible? Don’t Guess. Research.

Last week, I shared a few ideas to help you identify your passion and or potential goals. Were you able to D.R.E.A.M. big without limiting yourself? If not, you might have been distracted by premature and or false assumptions about what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Research, the second step in the D.R.E.A.M. system, helps you make informed decisions about the goals you choose to pursue. Below are some tips to make your research more efficient.

Identify and answer four questions for each potential goal.
Consider questions like:

  • How have others achieved this goal?
  • Who or what organizations can help me reach it ?
  • What is the cost of pursuing this goal?
  • How can I reduce the cost?

  • Avoid distractions and research paralysis
    Use online, book, and expert sources to answer your questions then move on to the next item you need to research. Avoid becoming distracted by irrelevant information or activities. You can return to them after you finish your research. Also avoid spending too much time seeking information (i.e., research paralysis). Find basic information then begin the dating phase. See next tip.

    Date your dreams before committing to them
    Create opportunities to test your dream before committing to it. For example, arrange internships, socialize with people who are accomplishing your goal, and or attend goal-related conferences. If you dream of building a business, create and sell prototypes of the product or service your business will offer. If you dream of adhering to an exercise program, spend a few weeks testing different exercise equipment and or activities until you find a combination that motivates you. Dating your dreams helps reduce the risk, cost, and fear connected to pursuing longer term and or expensive goals.

    Organize your research
    Create a simple chart to organize and keep the information you find (e.g., telephone numbers, instructions). This will help you avoid searching multiple times for the same data.

    Enjoy your research and remember to seek information from positive, experts. That is, positive people who have successfully accomplished the goals you are considering pursuing. I repeat this message often because we, at Sole Strivers, see many smart, capable clients who have postponed attempting exciting goals because they sought and internalized advice from negative, non-experts. My goal is to help you avoid similar delays.

    I wish you a pleasant and productive week.


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